All Time Biggest 80’s Music Hits and Why We Love Them So

The greatest decade of them all, the 80’s!! Once again, here we are at the start of another memory lane. Travel with me once more as I recall some of the biggest music hits from the big 80’s!! The hair was big, the music loud, and the hits never seem to end. Rock, pop, country, whatever the style, there is a certain favorite song for everyone. I find it amusing that the more commercials I see, the more I hear 80’s classic hit songs. Just goes to show the longevity of this great music and of this great era!80’s Music

So let’s get this gig started shall we? Let’s start with favorite pop hits. Everyone from Abba’s Dancing Queen, to Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know. Madonna’s Papa don’t Preach, to New Kids on the Block’s The Right Stuff. Quirky little gems to say the least. But somehow, they have a permanent spot in my memory. I think I can even still do the N.K.O.T.B. dance!! What about the ever popular band Genesis and all the great 80’s hits they had? Land of Confusion, No Reply at All, That’s All, just to name a few. Then you can’t mention the band Genesis without saying something about the ever popular, Phil Collins. Probably his biggest 80’s hit was In The Air Tonight. Does anyone else do the air drum solo near the end of the song like I do? Please, please, please, let there be someone else that does it!! I’ve almost wrecked cars trying to get it out!! But, hey, back to the subject here. Who can remember The Police and their stream of hits? Don’t Stand so Close To Me, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Every Breath You Take are just a very few of 80’s hits from this great band. Not to mention Sting and his solo career. Do you remember the mega hit from Dire Straits called Money for Nothing? Guess who was singing “I want my M.T.V.” in the beginning? You guessed it, Sting. There was a few big artists who kinda sorta crossed lines if you will in the 80’s. Eddie Van Halen crossed over and played guitar for Micheal Jackson on his great hit, Beat It, and then Micheal did background vocals for Rockwell and his hit Somebody’s Watching Me. Diversity is the name of the game here, with everyone in play.80’s Music

Next, let’s move over to the harder side of 80’s rock. There was plenty to be had in this arena wasn’t there? Everyone from Poison, to the thunder from down under, AC/DC. Who can’t forget the power ballads of the 80’s? I believe the biggest power ballad of all time has to be from Poison and Every Rose Has It’s Thorn. Stadium rock was alive and well with mega bands like Cinderella and their 80’s hit Save Me. Did anyone catch the Monsters of Rock concert from the 80’s? If you did, you saw mega stars like Van Halen, Scorpions, and Metallica. It seemed as though the hits that were coming out were bigger and louder than anything else everyone has ever seen. One of the biggest stage presences ever was from the band Def Leppard and their In The Round, In Your Face tour. Talk about something new!! For those not familiar with this kind of concert, the band was in the middle of the concert hall, and the crowd was seated around the band a full 360 degrees. Not that anyone was seated mind you!! This was from their mega album Hysteria. The hits go on and on.80’s Music

So there you have a few of the greatest 80’s rock and pop hits. Stay tuned as there will surely be more to follow. Thanks much for sharing your time with me. Rock On!!!80’s Music